Sharing My Transformative Journey with You

My journey of self-discovery had many unseen detours. I could barely keep up with life lessons. I had worked in various fields. They included oil refineries, art galleries, and retail management. Drifting from one direction to the next became familiar.

In my wanderings, I found the human service field. I served individuals and families. Impressions formed. I saw another side of society, full of injustice. It began to dampen my hopes for the global community. It was evident that adversities were systemic across the planet. The needs of the many outweighed my knowledge. I gave it my best anyway. It was all I could do.

Even so, in service of the vulnerable, I overexerted myself. The toll on my body and mind surfaced. Suddenly life became a blur. Clouded thoughts surrounded me. They formed into an emotional storm. Like a house of sticks, my confidence blew apart. I intuitively sensed I had to shift course. My life depended on it.

I tried many conventional treatments. As unproductive as they were, I stuck to it. Eventually, it brought insult to injury. I had to find another way.

I ventured into the unknown. It was my last resort. Remarkably, I found something. Hidden in the depths of my psyche was a gem. I uncovered insights I hadn't known before. To reach beyond my traumatic past was inspiring. It embodied a promising route. There was a new level of life. Unexpected relief.

As the inner turmoil subsided, there wasn't much to salvage. My previous path was over. I grieved my losses. I openly accepted the transmutation of who I had become. The shadow of my past began to dissolve.

From Self-Introspection

Through introspection, my outlook morphed. I had a mental leap. It brought a new level of clarity. Suddenly, my random life began making sense. Insights began revealing connective nuances. My view of self, the world, and the universe deepened.

Awareness is a shift from local to non-local. Instead of viewing everything from the outside in, it's a view from inside-out.

While my experiences are personal, the three principles are universal. Every being is at a juncture of awareness. Within the present moment, a profound shift is possible for everyone.

Every being can access profound healing from any worldly condition. It's a matter of introspection. I hope this life journey transforms your outlook as it did mine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eric provides a variety of 3Principles education services remotely through phone and online telecare:

  • Mentoring services are available for 3Ps apprentice practitioners
  • Educational webinars about 3Ps that offer tailored learning objectives
  • Counsulting is available via phone or telecare

Eric provides a variety of specialized 3Ps services based upon request. Services may include:

  • Intuitive Nutritional Healing
  • Sustainable Life Coaching
  • Insightful Self-Advocacy

    Eric has provided various services by facilitating 3Ps support groups and individual counseling. Services provided have included post-trauma healing, survivor support, recovery from substance use, race relations, relationship reconcilliation, and grief & loss guidance.

    For individuals experiencing financial hardship, reduced rates are available on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of the greater community. Contact Eric to discuss compatible arrangements.

Initial consult is usually about 20 minutes. You may provide your information by using this site's booking form, contact form, or you may call (877) 783-2077 to begin receiving support along your journey towards wellness. Eric also provides referrals to 3Ps practitioners worldwide.

Eric offers free speaking engagements within the 3Ps Global Community. He is available for collaborative projects and provides many motivational and educational public speaking services for free. You may send your inquiries via e-mail to admin@ericzuniga.com for a prompt reply.