Thought Busters

Have you ever had to break-though a bleak thought?

Bleak is just another word for “stressed out” or “miserable me.” It happens with an unannounced visit from unwanted emotions. Bleak emotions find their way to the surface at the worst possible moments. There is not enough vigilance to keep my pathetic mindset away. I’ve tried self-regulating, logical analysis, and meditative, mindful practice. The results are negligible. I might be doing it wrong, or these tools aren’t fail-safe, in which case they’re incompatible with me. In these low instances, there is one preferred solution. I call it the bleak-zapper.

I only have one bleak-zapper. It doesn’t need batteries, and it goes wherever I go. I just need to remember that I have access to it. I admit it’s low tech, it may even be boringly simple. It’s literally nothing. My bleak-zapper is to do nothing! If I feel bleak, I just do nothing, not even think about the present – mindfully. There is nothing required of me. Just gently let go of miserable thinking until it drops off the radar. It’s an unglamorous fix-all. It doesn’t require any knowledge or practice. Indeed, there’s no right or wrong way to do nothing. Nothing in my mind on standby mode. A state of mind, like nirvana or bliss. When a deplorable state comes along, I simply travel on another mental route. It’s a baggage-free mini-mental vacation to nowhere, to do nothing – no ticket required.

Everyone deserves a break from bleak-filled moments…

I frequently presented on this subject of no-thought at my Three Principles group. At a particular session, a participant perceptively commented, “If a sad thought comes along, just let it go.” Then another participant asked, “What’s holding on got to do with letting go anyway?” The metaphorical rain of no-thought was pouring down at my group, washing it clean of low-thinking moments. It was a marvel to witness how instantly thoughts can shift into insightful states. I was grateful to the Department of Behavioral Health Services for funding my support group.

Three Principles groups often have lively and insightful discussions about no-thought. It isn’t a prerequisite to experiencing a non-think state of mind. It usually occurs naturally, as an innovative sight within. The function of the psyche depends upon insight and wisdom.

From a thought-free state into natural balance...

A thought-free state does have closure. It can inspire a downward dog yoga position or preparing a freshly brewed cup of chamomile tea. These are just a couple of impactful ways to reactivate after returning from a no-thought mini vacation. As a side note, I’ve discovered that no-thought states work mysteriously well to find my misplaced keys!

Riding on the directionless bumper car of inner yo-yo insecurity is the moment I call on my inner bleak-zapper. I just zap away the bleak thoughts before they appear too real to distinguish.

The essential components of the psyche…

Every experience beings within the psyche. Within the psyche are components, Mind – Consciousness – Thought. Metaphorically, my mind cradles a cosmic ocean. It is ever-flowing into a stream of consciousness. All the while, its thought currents form the shoreline of experience. Thoughts rise to the surface, submerge, and rises again. It’s a continuous cycle of mixing, drifting, and dissolving views of my reality.

Thought particles are virtually undetectable. In any given moment, hundreds of thousands of thought particles fill the stream of consciousness from my mind and into an experience. Each thought, whole or fragmented, all drift, mix, and settle. Within these particles are the held beliefs, values, and assorted convictions. They ebb and flow and emerge into reality. At the instant thought particles shift, the overall experience shifts with it.

Hidden deep below the surface currents are the cosmic streams of innate intelligence. These streams bring hindsight, insight, and foresight to the surface. The universal and the personal make up the ocean of mind.

Even in the darkness of my sleepless psyche, the currents of my mind are stirring. Dreams form a unique reality in the containment of night. The stream of consciousness is forever propelling, and gathering thought particles, driving them into my dream reality.

The rhythms of Mind – Consciousness – Thought, are forever forming experience from the inside-out.

All insights, including my thought zapper, are founded in the psyche. It’s one of many insights that shifts beyond the clutter of my personal thinking. From the formless cosmic expanse within my mind, thoughts propel their way into consciousness – towards the forefront of reality.

Every miserable condition has a source of healing. Heartbreaking moments arise from smothering clouds of conditions that vary each moment and person to person. Some clouds are long-lasting, making life’s sensibilities indistinguishable. Experiencing cloudy conditions can undoubtedly have a toll on life.

Venturing into a bleak-free reality…

After years of service to the community, it is evident that each person has a unique experience of reality but with varying degrees of universal similarities. Healing from devastating conditions often bring a more significant expansion of awareness.

Everyone has equal access to inherent intelligence. It’s the cosmic expanse of formless intelligence. The more intelligence expands, the more a person shifts towards enlightenment.

Unlikely as it may seem, people healing from severe conditions do find higher ground than most realize. Healing is intuitive attentiveness along the personal journey of life. Determination to nurture inner resilience brings closure to psyche turbulence. While innate intelligence expands the psyche, it simultaneously disintegrates debilitating conditions. It brings new heights of stability and perspectives of life and view to the universe we all share together.

“Our health depends upon a sight within.”

The Three Principles are founded by Sydney Banks, Philosopher (1931 – 2009)

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Eric Zúñiga

Eric Zúñiga has been providing Three Principles services for over two decades. He has contracted with the State of California as a mental health practitioner and 3Principles Trainer in Santa Clara County. In 2020, Eric received an ACEs Aware Certificate, accredited by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine. Eric received a Holistic Nutritional Consulting Certificate in 2011 and is a Master Advocate for Psyche Learning & Education (MAPLE).

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