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I sat in the exam room, waiting for the general physician to return with the results about the physical pain I’d been experiencing. When the doctor returned, she explained the source of my problem was clearly the sciatic nerve in the lumbar region of the spine. A herniated disc caused radiating pain from the lower back.

The usual treatments for this condition are pain relievers, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture, and surgery. After the initial appointment, I rested and applied ice packs for weeks. The healing process was slow and gradual. I found the medications helpful but was hesitant to use those that often mask progress and cause chronic harm or re-injury due to a false sense of security.

Physical conditions and their corresponding healing remedies tend to be tangible and apparent, especially as the ailing state recedes. On the other hand, the psyche’s needs and complementary treatments are often met with blurry prospects.

The world would be in a much healthier position if it found therapeutic cures for mental conditions that frequently affect people. Although curing mental diseases appears to rely on research and development, today’s powerful antidote is just hidden from plain sight. The least likely but most potent place to find a cure begins within oneself.

The conventional process of mitigating mental health conditions has been reliant upon pharmaceutical chemistry to intercept debilitating concerns. Many practitioners rely on psychotropic medications or psychoactive drugs. Their use is frequent for acute and chronic treatments even though they often mask unwanted psyche symptoms rather than cure the underlying cause.

Many psychotropic medicines are prescribed exclusively as a primary treatment without complementary or holistic supports. This can compound the healing process by the severe side effects that accompany most medications used. Psychotropic medicines are designed solely for alleviating symptoms, not curing the cause. Additionally, prescriptive treatments are based on observed criteria rather than physiology or biochemistry, which often results in ongoing exchanges of psychotropic medicine. No wonder many people resort to experimental or maladaptive methods, even when ill-advised, just to gain relief.

Psychiatric drugs are associated with high risks, including over-medication that can deteriorating stability and even cause death. Hence it is imperative to cautiously consider any medication that warns of severe effects.

Although it is highly accepted, the psychiatric practice may have limits. For psychiatry to be practical, a person must first be informed about the psyche’s functions itself. Educating a person about the mind and how it produces unwanted symptoms, empowers resiliency towards health.

Mental health symptoms form within the psyche long before it can be detected within the brain’s physiology. Learning about the psyche’s primary features and functions is vital in healing as it unmasks the cause directly.

The psyche is the source of all symptoms, and all conditions are temporary. Sources of healing reside within the mind as well. It’s astonishing inherent and proficient intelligence naturally heals many ailments.

Board-certified psychiatrists, Dr. Bill Pettit and Dr. Linda Pettit have based most of their practice in “awakening mental health.” They purport that the way to cure mental conditions and restore mental health is to learn about the 3Principles: “Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.” Healing begins in the psyche because of its nonphysical nature.

The 3Principles offer an insightful understanding of the components within the psyche and how it forms the experience of reality, moment to moment. The properties within the mind are why some find improvement from specific treatments, and others do not. It’s also the reason why some severe conditions improve considerably with a placebo. Remember, the word placebo is Latin for “I shall please” and has been a remedy to cure diseases far into medical antiquity.

All mental anguish is caused when false experiences are appearing as real. The instant the suffering is deactivated, it can do no harm. Removing the past from the present view of reality produces a profound shift through self-introspection. Learning about how the psyche propels both accurate and inaccurate experiences gives way for discernment to extinguish mental anguish.

There are no substitutions for personal readiness in letting go of the harmful past. With that said, intuitive readiness is the ally that prevents the past from resurfacing into the present. Inherent intelligence is within everyone and possesses the qualities of hindsight, insight, and foresight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inaccurately claims: the leading causes of death in the United States are heart attacks, cancer, accidents, chronic lower respiratory problems, stroke, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, nephrosis, and intentional self-harm. The truth is that none of these are the actual leading causes of death. These describe severe symptoms that lead to death.

I assert that ignoring our intuitive voice to shift course is the leading cause of death today. In many ways, symptoms are pleas for help that go unanswered and result in death. Hence the cause of death is always the same.

The world has many tragic circumstances, such as people giving up on each other or themselves. Clearly, this is an indication that a healing shift in our world is much overdue. The world needs profound healing more than medical advancement.

I once had the opportunity to be a guest presenter for a mandated alcohol and drug education class. During the course, I explained the logic of the 3Ps.

After my presentation, a flustered participant asked me, “What about someone whose leg was blown off from an IED and is now an amputee. That’s a loss that can’t be cured by thought. That person isn’t going to grow another leg, it’s gone forever!” Without hesitation, I responded, “It’s true that thought couldn’t make the leg grow back. However, insightful introspection can heal the mental wounds that cause the past’s ongoing harmful perception into the present. It can signal a moment to let go of self-imposed judgments regarding what makes physical wholeness. Introspection within the psyche can help restore the wholeness of experience. It brings about insight to live above and beyond any preconceived notions.”

In this particular setting, my good intentions may have missed the point. Still, I understand that we all encounter a steep learning curve that can ultimately become an inner opportunity.

Think about how children playfully cover their eyes to hide or make things disappear, which they no longer want to see. Within the psyche, faulty perceptions go away as they disconnect from re-energizing. The actual quantity of thoughts is mostly unrecognizable and too grand to inventory. Because of this, it’s much more effective to “let go and standby” than tussle with faultiness. Faulty thought does no harm once they disengage for insightful healing. Without a doubt, the psyche can access inherent intelligence that is far greater than any defective condition.

The psyche is naturally buoyant. It can rise up and out of any condition. Self-introspection is an ability to access the inherent intelligence of the mind. It leaps beyond individual disabling states. It’s where hope and health resides and provides long-lasting access to more profound frontiers of healing.

Medical treatments are far from being obsolete, and many practices have legitimate healing value. I acknowledge that there are moments of medical necessity. When treatments are based upon the expression of insight, medicine can provides healing. There are also moments when support groups and evidence-based practices offer a forum for wisdom to express itself. There may even be moments when books and other resources must be set aside for self-introspection. Nature has provided inherent intelligence to every person. This is a powerful gift accessible within the psyche for healing and is a profound source of introspection.

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Eric Zúñiga

Eric Zúñiga has been providing Three Principles services for over two decades. He has contracted with the State of California as a mental health practitioner and 3Principles Trainer in Santa Clara County. In 2020, Eric received an ACEs Aware Certificate, accredited by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine. Eric received a Holistic Nutritional Consulting Certificate in 2011 and is a Master Advocate for Psyche Learning & Education (MAPLE).