The Guiding Principles for a Deeper Understanding of Life

Living beings have equal access to the intelligence of the universe. Within the depths of the psyche, intelligence is there. It is the link to the formless cosmos. The heart of wisdom is within it. It unfolds with inner sight. More than acquired knowledge and its more than firmly held beliefs. It's within everyone's grasp.

For every ailment, there is a remedy. Our healing ability is unquantifiable. It is an inherent trait. The gift of profound healing begins within our minds. The components of the psyche, Mind – Consciousness – Thought, are universal. These elements form reality, inside-out.

The Three Principles, founded by Sydney Banks, Philosopher (1931 - 2009), are the basis for a global awareness shift. It reveals the nature of experience. It brings the essence of the psyche to light.

Life is a journey of self-discovery. It goes beyond the known. Where meaning unfolds into profound purpose. Temporary conditions cease to exist in its wake. It begins with introspection. From there, it expands our awareness. The formless cosmos awaits our readiness.

It is within our nature to experience life condition-free. To enjoy the wonders of our world. To journey from disease to health from within.


I am dedicated to providing educational as well as mentoring about the Three Principles, its universal source of inherent intelligence.


To bring self-evident value to the psyche, its three principles, as the nearest source for profound healing.

My Professional Journey

Eric Zúñiga is a Three Principles Practitioner in Northern California. For decades, he has provided 3Ps management and wellness services. He has presented at conferences nationwide. In 2010, he contributed a report about the 3Ps for a poster presentation at the World Health Organization Conference in Washington, D.C.

In 2020, Eric received an ACEs Aware Certificate, accredited by the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine. He also received a Holistic Nutritional Consulting Certificate in 2011. Eric is a Master Advocate for Psyche Learning & Education (MAPLE).

Eric has studied fine arts at SFAI as well as Art Therapy. His ongoing interests in the arts include drawing and painting.

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