There is One Spiritual Principle

Its formless features are the same for each being.

Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness, & Universal Thought.

The level at which the conscious mind thinks always matches the plateau of the experience. It is the nature of physics and the nature of the spirit. The formless gives way to the form – a spiritual continuum.

In this exact moment, the conscious mind is untouchable, and its thoughts are unseeable. Its energy is purely Spiritual.

For every experience, there is an energetic thought emerging from a conscious mind. Existence itself would cease without the inside-out spirit of the moment within each being.

Everyone learns about the One Spiritual Principle and its features along life’s path.

The Three Principles, pioneered by Sydney Banks, are forever unfolding.

A non-practice, the Principles unfold with the simplicity of the spirit.

Let your learning journey begin at this moment.

Godspeed to you!

Mission & Purpose

Eric is a 3 Principles Practitioner. He has provided decades of educational coaching about the 3 Principles and its universal source of inherent intelligence. You can enhance your unique pathway in life by understanding the fountain of your wisdom. It is just an insight away from experience. Learn more about your unfolding life-path with Eric's services!

Eric Zúñiga offers 3P guidance towards innate health as a consultant and life coach. There is one principle with three essential features.

3P Consult & Life Coaching

Here, you can view Eric's Articles/Blog or visit the One Spiritual Principles Series for an insightful and  self-paced learning experience.

Learning about the Principles is like any life lesson, it often includes resistance. This part is okay. There is a reason why all profound learning experiences require the endurance of the spirit. There are moments when the only way to see the light is to experience the shadows. 

Your life journey is as uniquely personal as it is impersonal. Allow yourself to explore the depths available within your conscious mind, and uncover your well-being.

At your moment of readiness, you are welcome to chat with me, Eric. I anticipate our conversation with loving care.

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